Vision and Management Philosophy

As leaders and managers we are always striving to maximize potential. Whether it is human, product, company or community potential. Inside everyone is the potential to be remarkable, we just need to understand how to unlock the potential. When managing a team it helps to start by defining my personal vision, which is to Learn, Optimize and Connect. Lay out your core values (Here are mine): Family, Friends, Trust, Loyalty, Personal Responsibility and my personal pyramid of success (See below). I adapted this from John Wooden, Pete Carol with influences from Steve Blank.

Personal Pyramid of Success. Adopted from the works of John Wooden and Pete Carol. 

People appreciate confident and strong leadership, they want a solid understanding of

  • where we are all going
  • how we are going to get there
  • what are their responsibilities.

I like to start with a listening plan with a goal of getting to know my team, the culture and the decision history (Answering: Why things are the way they are at the present?). Understanding their strengths, weakness and personalities (I'm an ENTJ). It is also, important to discover what motivates them, build a rapport and credibility. 

"Nobody cares what you know, until they know that you care."  - Nick Saban

People want to know, that their leaders have Feel, Felt and Found the same experiences. I know how you feel. I felt that way before, and here is what I've foundLeadership is as much about caring, as it is giving direction.

"True leadership is your ability to effect someone for their benefit; effecting someone for your benefit is manipulation." - Nick Saban

I find it useful to create early team wins to help establish a winning culture as soon as possible. Sharing expectations with employees, defining what is expected, where they fit and getting feedback along the way. I provide them the tools and direction to succeed, then give them the room to succeed or fail. It's important to measure success, and for employees to understand how they will be measured. If they start to flounder, increase mentorship, listening and monitoring. Set new goals if necessary, provide opportunities to win and succeed. If they continue to fail, find something else for them to do, which may not be with the company. Help employees find their passion at work, when people are lined up with their passions, they almost always shine.